Standard Kjeldahl Block Digestion Systems


FoodALYT SBS systems are equippable with 8 or 20 standard Kjeldahl digestion tubes of either 250 or 400 ml.

  • Extremely simple and fast programming per one-button operation
  • Menu designed in various languages
  • 10 freely configurable programmes for block temperature and digestion time
  • Applications storable
  • High power heater and extraction hood with exhaust gas collector
  • Digestion vessels: 250 and 400 ml
  • RS 232-interface
  • CE-conform and certified

FoodALYT SBS 5000L are equipped with a fully automatic lift. This relieves the user of handling the heavy sample unit and hot chemicals. The software allows for a fully automatc digestion process.

After an individually programmable cooling and suction time, the fume hood is raised into the final position.
The programming allows for individually adaptable temperature profiles and starting times.


  • Digestion tube 250 ml and 400 ml
  • Catalyst tablets, type CT, Typ CX or type CQ