About FoodALYT

Advanced Technology for Food Analysis

For over five years, the name FoodALYT has been synonymous with leading food analysis technology. FoodALYT supplies mature and practical systems with a balanced cost-benefit ratio.

Established in 2014, FoodALYT GmbH focuses on the development and marketing of high-quality laboratory equipment for food analysis. FoodALYT GmbH is an OMNILAB Group company.

As awareness of sustainable consumption grows, food product quality is becoming a key element in consumers' purchasing decisions. Quality requirements often extend far beyond the perfect condition of a product. Trust, transparency and security when buying food plays a significant role in customer loyalty. In order to implement the required quality assurance and raw material control, knowledge of food composition is a vital factor.

FoodALYT supplies mature and practical systems with a balanced cost-benefit ratio precisely for this sector. Continuous development and expansion of our product portfolio means you can be confident that the analytical systems in your lab always comply with the latest requirements and make your everyday work easier.

Our FoodALYT product specialists develop custom solutions according to your specifications and also provide you with comprehensive support.

From the provision of demo units through to the installation and commissioning of systems – we consider this just as much part of our expert service as the hands-on instruction provided by our team for your staff and comprehensive after-sales management.

We're also happy to offer product training and seminars on food analysis, so that your staff are fully acquainted with our products and this specialist field.

Our goal is to assist you with all your queries and concerns personally and flexibly. Don't hesitate to get in touch!